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About Us

TEVITA (meaning “be loved”) is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle. Launched in 2011, TEVITA is offering something different, a change of direction, with its focus on colour, cut and distinctive prints. Unlike the current crop of carbon copy labels and designs, each TEVITA piece is unique, hand made and offered in natural materials. We possess a strong social and environmental awareness and are proud to support local enterprises in Indonesia. We love working with the Balinese. Ethical work conditions and safety standards are of utmost importance to us.. as is an epic surf after a long day with our production team:) We love to make unique clothes and also make a differrence to others. 

We are not all followers, TEVITA is unique, because you are. A beach/surfing soul with street smart mind, it combines perfectly the two and sets itself apart from the rest. The brain child of Australian model Rhys Uhlich, TEVITA is everything you’ve been looking for and anything you want it to be. Its time for change….