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About Us


TEVITA - meaning “beloved”, is more than a brand, it's a lifestyle, offering a range of holistic services, soulful experiences, eco-retreats & an ethical clothing line. Our mission is to care for this planet we call home, care for ourselves and each other.


The essence of TEVITA... is all about being true to who you are.. and you are so many things.. you crave an eventful and exciting life... overflowing with love, passion, truth, creativity and diversity. You seek freedom, opportunity and adventure.. no risk is ever too great... you seek new ways of thinking... new experiences and you possess a fierce honesty and integrity. Your personal growth is vital to you.. you desire a life of action, authenticity, adventure, love & connection. We are not all followers, TEVITA is unique, because you are. The TEVITA LIFESTYLE is everything you’ve been looking for and anything you want it to be. It’s time for change….


The TEVITA CLOTHING range was born with a beach/boho soul and a street smart mind... it combines perfectly the two and sets itself apart from the rest. Each TEVITA clothing piece is unique, handmade and offered in natural materials. We possess a strong social and environmental awareness and are proud to support local enterprises in Indonesia. Ethical work conditions are of utmost importance to us. We love to make unique clothes and also make a difference to others. We see everyone on this planet as one and the same.